Saturday, July 7, 2012

CDT truths and philosophies

sunflower and little g's CDT Truths and Philosophies:

1. When in doubt, put on pants.
2. It is possible for a desert thorn to go through your shoe sole, superfeet and sock and stab your foot in a   single step.
3. When feeling down and out visit Deming, New Mexico...there's sure to be a homeless man telling you how incredibly beautiful you are.
4. Sandy dirt roads, desert thorns and bike tires are not a great combination.
5. Keep your receipts and Wal-Mart can be a very effective rental program.
6. If better out than in were a kingdom then Eric would be king.
7. New Mexico is indeed home to some of the most generous and kind people in the world.
8. New Mexico should hereby be referred to as the windy state, it's state flower the Bud Light can and it's state tree the barbed wire fence.
9. Fietenbuttz (German):  the smell your sleeping bag accumulates after hiking 500 miles.
10. A fellow hiker once said that if you collect all of the Bud Light cans in New Mexico you could pay for your entire CDT thru-hike.  Turns out, he is indeed, correct.
11. “Moose poop jewelry, who would wear that shit?”  sunflower
12. There is a reason why everyone else sets up camp around 4pm in Colorado while we are just starting to hike up and over a mountain pass around that same time.  It's called a thunderstorm and really, when will we learn?