Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Friday May 14, 2010
Camp 13: in a cow pasture beside a Forest Service Road

My body is exhausted, my feet sore and my stomach still growls even after eating dinner.  We misjudged our resupply slightly and don't have enough food to get to Pie Town.  We did have a great day of pleasant surprises.  Beautiful views of Snow Lake down the valley, a walk along the creek in a canyon and views from a hilltop that stretched endlessly in all directions.  We saw three herds of elk and a Mexican wolf today! We think the wolf was stalking the elk when we saw him, he glanced in our direction and ran instantly up the hill.  We did a good bit of walking on forest service roads, hence the sore feet, but it's much better than pavement.  Even after a long brutal day it feels great to be back on foot, hiking the trail, right where we belong.

hi: incredible wildlife encounters!
lo: I'm still hungry

little g
hi: discovered that our sleeping bags zip together!
lo: we're running out of food

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