Friday, February 17, 2012

72 River Crossings Today!

Wednesday May12, 2010 (11:30am)
Camp 11: Gila Wilderness in a large wide open meadow

We are sitting on a large boulder overlooking the Middlefork, soaking up the sun.  We stopped for an early lunch to warm up our frozen feet.  We've had 25 river crossings (give or take) so far this morning, some of them up to my hips.  Our feet are purple and frozen stiff.  They ache when the feeling starts coming back and I can actually move my toes again. Makes for a chilly start to the day when the sun hasn't made it over the canyon walls yet.  In some portions we cross the river and immediately walk through a plant called horsetail that slaps against my numb legs, stinging like crazy.  We have many more crossings ahead.


We are exhausted after a grand total of 72 river crossings, today! I fell on crossing #68 as the rocks under the current were green with moss and slippery.  Eric managed to grab me before I went completely under and I was only partially soaked.  Not a fun way to end the day as the sun disappeared behind the walls and the air temperature began dropping.  We saw a huge bear today near the stream who saw us immediately and barreled up the steep cliff behind him.  The canyon is unique with rugged, steep formations and spires on both sides.  Steep, sheer, breathtaking.

no more crossings please

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  1. 72 river crossings is about 72 too many for me! You look beautiful in the pics and the scenery is often breathtaking! <3 "keeping up" with ya~