Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday May 23, 2010
Camp 21 and 22:  Days Inn, Grants New Mexico

We're relaxing here in Grants, taking a zero day so our feet can heal.  After the lava field and road walk from hell, yesterday, our feet are aching.  I have three blisters that are not healing as we walk 20 miles a day. It will be nice to take a break.  Today we're resupplying, calling family and plan to be back on the trail in the morning.  Oh, Eric found an arrowhead a couple days ago!  Awesome!

Monday May 24, 2010
Camp 23:  near Mt. Taylor

We are sleeping at 9,000 feet tonight and it's supposed to be record lows!  We're actually on a real trail and not a road...exciting!  The trail is funny and frustrating; it comes and goes so we have to search often for cairns or CDT markers in the trees.  We had a good day, went to the Post Office this morning and got back on the trail at 12:30pm.  Eric found another arrowhead today that was made from obsidian and I found a piece of one!

hi: found a piece of an arrowhead
lo: I screwed up baking cinnamon rolls this morning

little g
hi: waking up with sunflower after a good nights sleep
lo: CDT went by a prison and a landfill on the way out of town

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