Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wal-Mart Rental Program

Sunday May 9, 2010
Camp 8: Copper Manor Motel, Silver City New Mexico

HAPPY MAMA'S DAY!!  Love you to the moon and back.

Monday May 10, 2010
Camp 9: Continental Divide RV Park...terrible!  Barking dogs and domestic violence.

Again, an interesting turn of events.  We rode into Silver City yesterday, resupplied, got a motel room and just chilled for a bit.  We had lunch at the Red Barn Restaurant next door which I don't believe we were even old enough to be there as it looked like senior citizen day at Golden Corral but we had a steak and a beer anyway.  We called the family, they were all together for Mother's Day.  Later in the evening we had a little heart to heart and both agreed that we didn't quite feel “in it.”  While biking has been quite an interesting adventure we find ourselves riding next to cars and only looking forward to the next town.  After sleeping on it we woke up this morning and called Wal-Mart to see what their return policy was (just for kicks).   Second choice, some homeless man was going to be quite happy with a new bike and cart.  Turns out, Wal-Mart will take anything back within 90 days with the original way!  So we took our bikes, cart and gear back and deemed Wal-Mart the perfect rental program.  I'm not even sure I should be sharing this information but it seems a bit too funny and bizarre to keep to myself.  In turn, we bought a Sony Handicam to document our journey.  We are now back on foot and it feels much more like “us.”  We still have a tremendous amount of road walking which is tough on the joints and feet but we are heading toward the Gila Wilderness and it should be amazing!

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