Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Saturday May 8, 2010 (p.m.)
Camp 7: KOA outside Silver City.  Biked 28 miles.

We biked a good 17 miles before noon today and stopped in Hurley, New Mexico for a lunch of peanut butter and bagels.  We were both pretty sore from the saddle and the bum is definitely in need of a break.  We pushed on toward Silver City, watching the terrain change slowly from flat to rolling hills.  Our $99 roll back bikes are taking a hit but we're still moving along pretty smooth.  We stopped to camp at the KOA just outside town where the most annoyingly nice person, Jacquie, works.  She almost pushed me over the edge with her syrupy voice and know it all comments but I pulled it together and now sit happily with a cold beer while little g showers.  I know it sounds mean but you just had to be there. It was a beautiful day for riding as we had a good tail wind and the clouds created some relief from the sun.  We're planning to stay in Silver City tomorrow after we resupply and then we head for the Gila Wilderness!  We are going to park the bikes and hike for a few days.

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